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Eoi: 4ft tank with heaps of extras

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FS: 4FT Fish Tank+ Heaps Of Extras

4ft Fish Tank With Light and Stand

Comes With Eheim 2217 and Media. The Media is quite old and could probably do with a change. Has Jager Heater. The eheim has a prefilter set up as well at the moment.

I have heaps of spares. 2 more heaters, whole load of ornaments that i will chuck in. Spare UV Steriliser.

Got Prime, Stability, Flourish and AmGuard all still pretty full. Still got heaps of Tetra tropical color bits food. i think some hikari algae wafers as well.

The tank has 2 pieces of driftwood and plants. 1 Big piece of lava rock. Pisces Black Diamond Quartz Gravel and API Laderite Underneath.

The fish in there at the moment include:

3 Angelfish

3 Gouramis

1 Albino Bristlenose

1 Pictus Catfish

2 Pandii Corydoras

1 Rainbow Shark

Few Neons

I think thats about it.

Can Sell With Or Without Fish.

If you got anymore questions give me a text on 0402797896 or PM me.

Send Me Your Offers.

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