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Adam's 45cm Nature Garden Aquascape

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Hi guys,

I will update this properly soon but as for now here it goes. Proper pictures will follow as well as a progress of the aquascape itself as fine tuning is to be made.


Still have a lot of planting to do later on tonight and rearranging of the mid and background section until I am satisfied. I guess in a sense you could call this a nature garden aquascape as it does follow that trend and it is especially what I wanted from this tank and especially love the bolbitis hanging out of the tank :)

Anyways peoples constructive criticism of the scape welcome


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I am unsure all I know is it was grown half emersed from the lovely Liverpool Creek Aquariums (or could be fully emersed I will have to ask Jeff).

I will be adding some of this tomorrow infront of it too just to give it some more contrast;



hygrophila pinnatifida

And some softer and other plants too.

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That is not blyxa mate.

I dislike blyxa because I once kept blyxa japonica and it grew to about 25 to 30cms high with the high light and tonnes of nutrients I had going on in my three footer. At one stage the roots got to 20cms deep into the substrate (was nice and compact and gorgeous in other peoples tanks but in mine it was just a machine!!!) So this is why I stick to eriocaulons. They are actually a type of eriocaulon and they do a much better job at staying bushy while being true to their size. Better to aquascape with and the variety of eriocaulons is amazing. I guess I am a bit of a erio wanter! My next aim is to hunt down some erio. sp. Red. But for now my eriocaulon sp shiga, cinerum, parkeri, setaceum and sp mini will do the trick :)

And thanks for the kind words. I am looking forward to it too. Cannot bloody wait. Will finish planting tomorrow and saturday and upload some progress piccies for those interested.

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After a call at 7pm Jeff popped over and since he was so so so so unhappy with the last scape. He quickly dismantled it and got up with the new scape. He was just unhappy with how it looked and so he brang some wood from home and got cracking. End result is a fantastic hardscape.

Planting for this will change as some of the plants need to be ripped out or replaced and the true lushness is a good month or two off. So until then imagination is the key. The hardscape is already bloody rocking! And once we decide fully what plants do and do not work we will be able to come up with something super good I do believe! :)

As for fish, there will be the 10 or so ruby tetras, all the corydoras hastatus, ottos, darwin algae shrimp, glass shrimp, cherry shrimp, crs. Oh and the apistogramma borellii opal pair




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I got bored and done whole new stems. Still to plant HC foreground and will be adding erio minis in amongst the foreground.

I do know there is a spot on back corner where no plants are (the mofos got berried under the ADA sprinkle I done to ensure rooted plants so I need to just pick them out with tweezers :))

This is a good month or two off looking to its finished project but am glad with the direction it is now heading. I am finally really liking this tank lots.






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twisty wood is either melaleuca or goldvine, and fish chicks is where they norm get it. put up a post and im sure someone could get some piccies of whats in there and im reckon if u gave someone they cash they could get it for you and send it up... pity as I was in H bay yesterday... could have hand delivered... :)

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what the heck!

man, those 2 scapes are amazing!!!

the one on the right looks like a scene from lord of the rings..

seriously good work there man.

ya got ya tangs yet?

Thanks mate, no not yet gonna wait till exams are over then I will get a tonne of texas holey rock and begin an aquascape for tangs.

Thanks I love the new scape for the 40cm cube it is uber cool :)

What is that twisty wood and where do you get it???

All my twisty wood is hand collected by myself. It is infact melaleuca and I literally have a stock pile a ute tray full of the stuff. Various thicknesses and various lengths and some curley as hell and some very straight pieces. Also have a tonne of hardwood sitting here all from my own collection over a period of two or three weekends :P I do not pay for driftwood unless it is very nice stuff as I have a rocking collection spare that I need to get rid of as it is taking up too much room. Rocks on the other hand were all bought from Aquariums Alive for the 40cm and Fishchicks for the 45cm tanks.

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