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48 x 18 x 20 inch tank, pine stand, Eheim 2217 canister, caves, substrate, & more

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Up for sale... fish are all sold and tank is now empty, ready for collection:

4 foot (48 inch) long tank, 18 inch deep, 20 inch high.

Solid pine stand

Assorted caves

Calcium carb substrate (white)

Eheim 2217 canister filter with all media (perfect for 4 foot tank) plus spare media, filter wool etc

Eheim 1000L/hr powerhead (adjustable for additional circulation)

150W Fluval heater with ceramic heating element

Small T5 light (not bright enough for growing plants but great for just fish)

2 x automatic battery-operated fish feeders for going on holidays

Seachem prime approx 350mL in bottle

Seachem cichlid buffer

Seachem cichlid lake salt

Plus a whole heap of other assorted accessories such as fish nets, gravel cleaner etc.

Please note the texas rocks and the fish are all sold. I will post better pics of the stand and other accessories tonight. All in excellent condition.

$350 for the lot or $180 for just the tank and stand.




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$150 for tank and stand offered, awaiting pickup today. Everything else is still available... added more pics above showing all the accessories. Everything from water test kits to fish nets, heaps of caves etc.

Eheim 2217, fluval 150w heater and Eheim powerhead still available in perfect condition. $150 for the lot.

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