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WTB/WTT 8x2x2 tank only.

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Evening all. I am after a 8x2x2 tank for my babies to chill in this comming summer.

It does not have to be display quality, obviously the nicer the better but I am on the tightest budget ever! So looking for a tank, if you have a metal stand that would do aswell but if not im not fussed, I will just make one.

So, I have for trade a 1500ltr grow out tub/pond. It is a fiberglass aquaculture grow out tub, comes with 25ltr trickle filter, no pump but


a 4x2x2 display tank, cabnet & hood, stained dark, looks lovley. 100% display quality. (would be looking for good quality tank for this trade)

Please PM me with what you have & $$ or trades you want.

Cheers guys.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.

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