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New Breeding Setup

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got my new breeding setup it consists of 6 tanks each tank is 2x18x18

including the sump being the same size, the tanks sit on a two tier

6ft long black wooden stand. while the sump sits on the floor next to the setup.

One thing my wife made clear was the sump had to have a cover and look decent.

having 7 kids running around the house i dont blame her for wanting this.

Ok so ive decided to do a makeover of the exterior of the stand and build a hood to cover top tanks and of cause a cover for the sump. :)

So here is a few picks of befor and to date (not finished yet sat 8th aug)

As i got the setup




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Oh the wife is happy now :) hahaha

Still a few things to do to the main frame

put two bottom cross members in and three hanging doors for the bottom tanks (to keep kids out)

if you notice i didnt have enough top moulding to finish of the edge there so need to fix that to.

Than putty all the drill holes and stain her up :)

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