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I got wood. Unfortunately, I got too much wood. So, you can have it, for free. WOW. Actually its not that great.Still.

Pickup from redcliffe. No, I do not deliver. ANYWHERE. EVER.

First piece is x-Actly 2ft long and maybe..15cm high, or so. Full of interesting nooks and holes, covered in patches of green, would be good for a plec breeding tank. Was in mine for about a month- doesn't leach tannins, but will not ever sink..must have and air pocket sealed inside. Easy enough to cram a rock into one of the crevises though.

Second piece is about..meh..70cms. Pretty heavy, looks kinda like a cave man's club. Good for tying plants on, or threatening census collectors.

Third piece would be roughly 3 feet long, shaped like an upside down U with a flat top. Very heavy, very entertaining watching large americans trying to get yabbies or fedders froim underneath it.

Last piece is also about 3ft long, was in my display tank for a while, doent leach or anything. Is very lightwieght so will need time to sink again, but doesnt take long. A few weird half cavey chunks taken out. Light in colour too, bristlenoses and java moss love it, Raphael catfish get themselves stuck in it and make me swear, a lot.





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This topic is now closed to further replies.

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