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6ft breeding tanks (divided into 4) ONLY $100 each

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Have quite a few 6ft breeding tanks for sale

They are drilled for sumps although one has been patched

4 of these units in total

Am looking for $100 each

They are not Display tanks but good for breeding purposes

they are also painted blue at the backs and sides....... came from pet store

Please contact me if interested looking to renovate house and she who must be obeyed said NO MORE TANKS :( lol

Will upload pics tomorrow

Thanks again for your interest please get back to me here or sms 0403983459



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Hey mate sorry should have put all that info in there are 2 tanks with sump holes in the bottom and 2 with sump holes in the top all the holes are 2inches wide hope that helps

Thanks paul well just wanted to get my money back really and clear some space geting in trouble on the home front lol and i have only just started so think i went a bit overboard lol

Thanks guys :)

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Hey mate nah theres no stands thats pics of the 2 i am using....i picked up stands for $50 and $75 off gumtree for them both they come up pretty good though as yu can see by the pics....

Odins fish i got confused there haha but sounds good...Im always in the shit myself (only the depth that varies lol)

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lol the illusive & confusive ;) (translation) if ya still got em in a few weeks after i go to newcastle to try aquire my 1yr old girl & almost 3 year old boy (full time) , and i get my new Wc fish in then ill grab em :) doubt it though they should sell fast m8 good luck

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