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Who's egg do these belong to?

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Hi guys,

Just watching my fish tank and it seems to have a batch of eggs behind a loosened suction cup for the spray bar of the filter.

Here's the image


And here are the possible parents


-Glass Catfish

-Tetras(Columbian and Diamond)

-Zebra Danios




Of which, i'm guessing only the Zebra danios, or the Bristlenose could have done it.

So, i'm wondering whose these eggs belong to and also is it possible to move them somewhere else(as in another tank) because i have angels in this tank that will eat the eggs/fry.

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It would be either the cories or the angels. Bristlenose are cave spawners, tetras danios and glass cats are scatterers and guppies are livebearers. If it was the angels, chances are they'd be hanging around and guarding the eggs, so if not, its almost certainly the corydoras.

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