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Photoshoot + 1800 litres =

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Hey Guys,

Firstly I have to throw a massive thank you out to Brent Smith Photography (GreenTerror) for doing such a sensational job on the below photos. I recommend him to anybody wanting to get their pride and joy captured!

I haven't put any photo's up of my setup in quite a while as it has been a long and arduous build process for which i am currently content with (yet not 100% complete). As well as, I could never capture my stock or tank in a way which did them any sort of justice.

Here's a few details for those who haven't seen the tank:

Tank: 8'x4'x2' (96l x 48w x 24h inch)

Filtration: 2 x Odyssea CFS700 2600lph Canister Filters (mechanical and UV)

Onga Pool Sand filter holding 25kg of ceramic rings and 20 litres of AquaClay (Bio filtration)

Pump: Emerson Spa jet pump, 9200litres per hour (runs pool filter)

Lighting: 2x Commercial Twin T8 Fluoro Holders and 1x 4 foot T8 Aquarium Light

Stocking: Redtail Catfish (Phractocephalus hemioliopterus) 62cm

Red Devil/Midas 29cm

Jaguar 32cm

Sailfin Plecostomus 38cm






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stunning mate. I absolutly love it!!

But where is the newest addidtion?

Also I reckon that would be the sweetest cichla tank :):)

thanks mate, I meant to PM you and let ya know, the festae didn't get a great welcome to the display. He was fine for the first night but although being 1cm longer then the Red devil the RTC had a pretty big go at him the next morning. So he's recovering in another 4ft, the damage was mostly superficial and has almost completely healed but he'll be in there indefinitely until i can figure out where to put him - if the pbass/pearsei grow quick enough he may end up in the new 6x3x2 thats coming see here but ill just have to wait and see.

I've resided myself to the fact that NOTHING else can go into the tank unless it is substantially large, but he'll eventually live in their on his own as he will soon be going for the RD and Jag.

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