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Fs: 4x2.5x2.5 Complete setup + Lots of Driftwood

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Hey guys,

Have some stuff to sell

4x2.5x2.5 Tank + Stand + Lighting + Foam + Filters + Heater + Gravel.

People go on about quality of tanks and stands, well this reeks of it. Built by Gary Maher, Glass is either 10 or 12 mm (i dont have a tape measure lying around), edges are rounded off, comes with sliding lids x3. Stand is very very sturdy, only a year old.

Filters are OTTO 2000lph x2, Atleast 30kg of black gravel 5mm, heater AquaOne 300W.

Lighting 2x T5 3ft bulbs with remote ballast incl, 1x 4ft AquaOne Double Tube, all White lights.

Hood isn't included because i left lids off it for a bit long and moisture got into it, u can have it if u want.

I Spent a good $1200 on this setup brand new a year ago, asking $600 for it all.




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Hey mate, $200 is a lil short, i was thinking $450. Dont wanna go ANY lower at all. Tank is only bout a year old, no scratches, made from Gary Maher and is a quality unit. Comes with double 3ft remote T5 ballast with lights, 4ft double T8 unit with lights, 2 2000lph filters, gravel, heater.

Anyone else?


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let me know when your desperate to sell

mwhahahhaha...hahah.hahaha yeah

im not needing the extra stuff...ive got all

marine tank equipment ready to go ahah

again goodluck with the sale :)

haha sorry tim, no luck needed,

thanks seph for holding this awsome tank, we can't wait to get back home and pick it up,

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