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Hi all, I'm a noob in every way, I have not had and aquarium b4 and it is something I have always wanted to do. So after much reading up, I have decided to go with a set up of African Cichlids. I have just brought my tank and I am on my way to starting up so i will have lots of questions for those who are willing to share their knowledge.

here is my new tank... Pic from when the previous owner had it operational... right now its empty, it is 5ft x 2ft x 18in


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Welcome mate!

There are heaps of people on here that can help with advice on everything from start to finish, be patient, don't rush into throwing heaps of fish straight in and do all the research you can, knowledge is what will keep your fish alive.

Best of luck!

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Hi all, thanks for the warm welcome.

Well I have blown my tank start up budget already...LOL so things will be moving slow now anyway.

so far I have cleaned out the tank thoroughly using white vinegar and water and then rinsing 3 times till water was clear and no smell of the vinegar. Now the tank has been sitting empty and dry for the last few days. I have brought some pool filter sand and have yet to wash it, I am holding off as I know I will want to put it straight in the tank when I have cleaned it, but I am waiting for hubby to bring home some Styrofoam so I can put that under the sand where the rocks will go to protect the tank form the fish digging them unstable.

I have collected a few rocks from my horses paddock as I thought that would be a special link between my fish hobby and my first love of horses, so it will be nice to watch the fish hide in the rock from my horses paddock. They have been scrubbed are are right now sitting in a sanitising solution to make sure there are no nasties.

here is a pic of the rocks


there is group of greenish rocks that I quite like but don't go with the bulk of them, so I will keep them for a cherry shrimp tank for later. Do you think those rocks will be ok for a cherry shrimp tank? I don't know a lot about them... but they look cute.

the greenish rocks


as for the running gear on/in the tank... I don't have much yet, the tank come with some pipe work and a spray bar and some lights, but I didn't like the lights, so I have ordered some of the LED ones a forum member here makes up.

I have just brought / buying a really great filter as I am told filtration is everything.

Super large canister filter. This cannister holds 30L has a backwash system so you dont have to pull it apart to clean it. Has 3 extra large sponges and bio balls as media. 36 watt UV steralizer built in.


so I am still yet to get heaters, test kits, seachem stability, and other water medicines to have on hand. b4 I even think of getting fish.

but what my wish list for my tank is

Johanni 2 male 5 females (will be last to add to tank)

Electric yellow lab 1 male 3 females (these guys in first)

Electric Blue peackock 1 male 3 females (these guys third)

2 cuckoo cat fish (these guys second)

so tell me all your thoughts... is there anything I should be onto but have missed? or is there anything there that I should use caution with.

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well i have made start setting it up, I have washed the PFS and put that in and I have put my rocks in, then started to add some water.... but I don't like the way the rocks look, I like the type of rock but the rocks look too small for the tank... I guess I didn't really appreciate how big the tank actually is.

so I have another question when you set up a tank that is a rock scape do you have a gap at the back of the tank? or do you put your base rocks at the back of the tank and build up from there?

anyway here is what I have right now... but I am going to change the rocks

Do you think the PFS is deep enough?

sorry about the crappy photo its hard to take a photo as the tank has a wall in front of it


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