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Pregnant Gold Sucking Catfish

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Hi All,

I recently bought 2 gold sucking catfish from the LFS. 1 Pregnant female and 1 unsexed possibly male. The female was heavily pregnant on Friday night constantly hiding in the plants and ornaments when we checked on them Saturday arvo she was no longer pregnant. Does anyone know the hatching time for catfish eggs, Success rate of hatching or how big the fry is once hatched?? :confused:

Since no longer being fat / laying the eggs she seems more sociable and happily swimming around the tank.

Was hoping to do a water change tonight but think i might leave it until we see signs of life so we don't suck up the eggs :)


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these guys are notoriously hard to trigger spawns in in aquariums.

although they seem to do well in ponds

I imagine they would have turned around and eaten all their eggs

most fish that seem hard to breed

are usually just very efficient cannibals!

something I found out the hard way with BGK

or your 'pregnant' one

may not have been ripe with eggs

and may have just been constipated

for best results I'd try remove all other fish/snails from aquarium

and run airpowered filtration only

buuuuuuuut chance are its too late


good work though

hope you can do it again

try to get pictures

most people only pull it off using ovaprim injections

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