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the cichlid kid

Where to get good quality Angels?

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Hey guys,

I am wanting some silver angels, just your plain run of the mill silver angel but in looking around in some of my LFS's there doesn't seem to be anything decent. They all seem to be a bit off, crooked bars/lines or missing bars, not quite the right shape and alot them have fins all over the place, pairs of fins different lengths or crinkled up and skewiff. And it seems especially tough as there aren't many around, all the new breeds are all the rage. koi, blushing, sapphire etc

Anyway, enough of my whinging, just after some straight, good quality silver angels, either a pair or half a dozen juvies to grow out to get a pair.

Can anyone reccommend a breeder or shop to find what I'm looking for?

Fishchicks would be the obvious answer but last time i was in there, the closest thing there were the 'manacopuru' scalare, very nice and tempting but Jodi-lea informed me they grow a fair bit larger than your regular angels which isn't ideal for me.

Also checked the breeders registry with no luck.

Thanks in advance,


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