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wtb 3ft 0r 4ft sump

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i've got a 3 x 15 x 18 tank and a 4 x 18 x 18 tank for sale.

Both tanks have 2 holes drilled at the back (top- near the corner of the tank)

the 3 foot $30 or the 4 foot for $40

ready to go.

both tanks are still in pretty good condition

do u need any medias or anything for ur sump?

let me know if ur keen


0422 333 619

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I have a 3x20x18 full of Bio balls coarse foam dacron eheim substrat pro and matrix if interested... It has the drip chamber then 3 more baffles.

PM me if interested.

It's been set up but some tanks leaked so closed it down and it has sat there.

Everything pretty much brand spanking new bar the bio balls..


Can supply a 8000l/h pump as well been turned on for all of 5 minutes. probably over kill for what you're after but it's a energy saving one think it's 65w or something

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