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Lots of stuff, Media, small filters...stuff in Toowoomba

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Hey guys, heaps of stuff (well to me its heaps, others its a little haha) for sale in Toowoomba.

Preferably people can just come around and grab whatever they like. I am NOT shipping anywhere, pickup only at this point.

Im getting out of the breeding side, and focusing on just a couple display tanks. Ill list out some things that Ill have for sale and a approx price.

2 Aqua one internal Filters 1200Lph $20 each

Couple heaters, 50w-150w i think, $5-$10

This Pond filter canister thing...Has big bits of Foam in it, but you need a power head to run it, its suitable up to 2,000-3,000L I think. $30-$40

Ice cream container and a shopping bag worth of Corral bones, great for filter media - $15

Chemicals and carbon, stuff like that: $5-20 (depending on how much you want)

Deco stuff: River rocks, sandstone, fake plants, bridge ornament - $5-$20 for different stuff

Big PVC Pipes, great for caves - $5-$15

Aqua World AW-404 air pump...some reason only 1 outlet still works, other 3 are very week, so not sure if someone can fix...$5

A couple small tanks - $5-$10

Egg tumbler, and Floating Fry cage thing - $5-15

Couple nets, Big and small

Plus a few other bits and pieces, happy for people to come and just grab whatever they want, will do deals for lots of stuff, just want to get rid of it.

Also I have a 3 Teired stand that holds 4x18ft tanks. Will come with 2 4ft tanks, one driller and a wier sort of thing built filled with Matrix. Also comes with some substrate, sand mixed with Calcium carb. Some rocks and stuff. Ill advertise this by itself as well when I get around to it. But looking for $300

This would be good for someone wanting to get into breeding, or setting up a few tanks, even better if your in Toowoomba!

Feel free to PM me for more info. Just be patient as Im a bit busy at the moment :)



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A bump for other Toowoombarians to see...Still working out some stuff for people in Brissy, so will get that organised soon.

But if theres more Toowoomba people who want to come and just check out some stuff, feel free.

Big PVP pipes - brilliant to make caves, cover them in rocks, looks good (i have rocks to :)

Couple small (very small) powerheads and internal filters

Pond filter

Media - Carbon, Lots of Corral bones

3 Teired stand that holds 3 4x18's, comes with 2 4ft's + 1 2ft

3ft duel globe fluro light fitting (fittings pretty dodge, but works) comes with 1 working globe

Selling some electric yellow fry as well.

Yep, lots of other random bits a pieces, welcome to come around and check it out.

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