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Festae Eggs - What should I do?

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I have a festae pair in an American Community Tank.

They have laid and the female is currently protecting the eggs.

She has a small safe zone and is doing pretty well to supervise her unhatched fry without going crazy.

The male is not doing that much, but maybe that is just because he is looking for food everytime I come to the tank.

The eggs are on a piece of wood which I can easily remove.

I have a spare 4ft on on a sumped breeding system.

So what should I do?

Should I leave them all in the community tank and syphon off the fry when they are free swimming


Should I take out the eggs and the female and put them in the spare 4ft?

if I go with option B, should I move the male as well?

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Indeed it is :)

he has been thriving in my community tank.

He had a chance a few months back with the female but she laid in a log and I don't think he could get in very well to fertilize.

She wised up this time and laid on the outside of a log - they all look pretty good - the few that went fungusy have been removed.

She is a really good little mum.

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hey mick we had the salvinie pair in our comunity tank and she had shit loads of eggs i waited till they hatched and took the female and male out of the tank into a 4 foot tank and the fry all i did was sucked them out with a hose didnt loose any at all mate worked a treat hope that helps

cheers nev and paula

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if you move them they might freak out and eat the eggs,

if you leave them there and hatch they could quickly get gobbled up by the tanks mates.

taking a chance either way.

I think the others are right, let em hatch then try and suck me out asap.

if things dont turn out, well at least you can then throw the pair in the 4fter for some time alone.

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I have had fry from the community tank before .... the Zonatum X Fenestratum fry ... I moved them by syphoning them into a bucket ... they all made the move OK.

One of my key concerns is leaving the female festae in the community tank and she gets exhausted and killed.

I would probably prefer to lose the eggs than lose her.

I will see how she goes over the next 24hours and make a decision then. I might even wait until the eggs have eyes and move them 24hours before they hatch and take the female over with them .... a bit risky but maybe better in the long term.

Has anyone had success moving unhatched eggs before? I have done it with corydoras eggs before and they seemed to go ok ......

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I have moved unhatched eggs with success before


1) the new tank was 100% water from old tank

2) the eggs were never exposed to air

I moved my kribensis eggs like this when I moved house.

got a pretty good survival rate, pretty much all the eggs bar a few hatched


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Wait for them to hatch then suck most out leave a few

That way they will have some to look after

Use tank water and meth blue and an air stone

You won't need to feed them till they loose the

Food sac so no ammonia

Then there strong enough to move to any tank you have


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