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Was meaning to check up on difference in KH and GH between Malombe and Malawi. But got a bit distracted. The reason was I remember being told most Cyrtocara moorii exports are from the Lake Malombe. Not actually Lake Malawi like you would expect.


Lakes Malombe, Chilwa, Chiuta, and Amaramba

Lake Malombe, which is connected to Lake Malawi by the Shire River (running southward for about 12 miles) at the extreme south end of Malawi's southeastern arm, is often considered part of Lake Malawi because of the regular influx of cichlids from the small lake into the larger one.

Lethrinops turneri, the commonest cichlid in Lake Malombe (south of Lake Malawi), was only named in 2003. Some 850 million of this fish are caught each year.

A true eel (Anguilla bengalensis labiata) is among the fishes occurring in Lake Malawi. Every individual is born in the Indian Ocean. Those found in the lake have swum from the ocean into the Zambezi River, negotiated its falls and rapids, swum the length of the Shiré River, passed through Lake Malombe and the upper Shiré, and finally entered Lake Malawi.


Anyway, lake Malombe thread.

What ya got to add?

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