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BEST parents EVER!

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So on sunday we found around 200 egg's on a piece of driftwood with a little girl Gold saum guarding them hell for leather and the big boy on a rampage chasing absolutely everybody in the tank.

We were pretty surprised considering mum is no more then 7cm and dad no more then 8-9cm and living with 4 x 12cm peacock bass and 3 pearsei. Thus we didn't expect the eggs to last long.

Well low and behold, its been 3 days and we have a shed load of wrigglers.

So not wanting all there hard work to be undone we thought we'd try and siphon them into a fry saver until we could set up a small fry tank this arvo.

Well the stupid fry saver was useless, they were too small and every one fell straight through the netting back onto the substrate *DOH!* lol...

Almost instantly mum decided to start digging a little hole and then sucking up the fry and spitting them into a crevice she had made under another log (meanwhile Dad is still on a rampage and has all 4 pbass and 3 pearsei bailed up in the corner like little girls)

She spent the next 10-15 minutes locating all fry and now they are still safe and sound (still well over 150 fry).

So thought I'd post as I have never seen such brilliant parenting at such a young age (with NO breeding experience from either parents).

Anyone else have similar 'parenting' stories?

P.S. Moral of the story: Interfering is not always the best idea!

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Ive had the same - Put Ram fry in a frysaver, only for them to fall straight through and into some schooling tetras. I did more harm than good.

And I currently have a small Gold Saum pair with fry aswell, mine are about 8-9cm each. It has blown me away how good parents these guys are for a first time. Mum works hard, while Dad just potters about leaving them alone. It had been a pleasure to witness and has made me realise that to really enjoy fish of any kind observing them breed is a must.

Your lot have done well considering Pbass were with them!!

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I'd have to agree with you there... Breeding is a must for any serious fish keeper trying to provide better conditions :)

Fry are still going strong, some are almost free swimming, she's moved them yet again into another hidey hole that i guess she feels is safer.

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