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Filtration for the powerbill conscious.

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Its not only the flow to take into consideration, its the watts.

I had big otto450L canisters but they ran 24/7 with 32 watts or more.

I am replacing them one by one with eheim 2215 for 3fts and narrower 4fts, and 2217 for bigger 4ft tanks. The 2215 is only 15w and the 2217 is 20watts.

Now in heavy poop tanks and tanks with corys and endlers, the poop bogs the canisters in a few months and I am forever pulling cory, endler and shrimp fry from them so I am putting coarse AquaFX round sponge filters over the intakes. I just rinse that bit in wc water every so often.

For current I got cheap wavemakers of 5watts from Guppies when they are on special for only $18 or something. Don't worry, they don't really blow out 2000lph, maybe in a tube they might lol. Thats good in a 3ft with little debris.

For higher debris or for the opposite end of a 4ft as well, I am getting Otto power filters of 800plh from ageofaquariums. These have two filter cups and only run at 8watts. On the wider tanks I found I also need two of these filters. The idea is you clip off and rinse the filter cup sponges rather than fiddle about cleaning the canisters every month or two.

*Tip: Snip the few lines of plastic inside the sponges where they clip together in between the filter cups so both cups fill equally.

I did use 1200lph otto power filters and they were fantastic but found they were 32 watts and it sent my power bill up.

Another idea I use sometimes is the eheim pickup internal filters as the bigguns are only 6 watts. Not real high in current but with those you can even turn them upsidedown if you want and blow current right across the caves. Plec males love it.

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