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This started when I took my male BN and the young out of the main tank and put them in a smaller tank to get a bit bigger (they were unhatched at this point)

.. however when they emerged from the log I noticed whitespot on them. Basically they survived the first cycle of multicure and as the male still showed a tiny amount of suspect white spot on his fins.. I started to run a second treatment which I put in there 3 days ago. I am yet to do a waterchange but my dilemma is that most of the young have already perished to the doseage...

... should I just put him back in the main tank as it has a heater and if it breaks out again I can deal with the disease in that tank (tank is 3ft)

because atm due to not being able to increase heat it is making it hard (tank is pretty small) I have already lost a ton of fry so its quite pointless having him in there...cheers for your help. I know this is a common thread but I feel this is a bit different.


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