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EOI: Blood Parrot

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Hey guys, at this stage this is Definitely an EOI, just testing the waters.

I know very little about Hybrid fish and even less about Blood Parrots. This fish belonged/belongs to one of my best mates, it was his favourite ever fish. He moved overseas at the end of last year, and asked me to take care of his fish for him as I was the only person he knew that he trusted would look after his prized pet.

Ive never been a fan of blood parrots, and I always told him that. But being a good mate I took care of it for him. It wasnt really an issue as it came with his own tank and I had heaps of space. Unfortunately the janurary floods changed all that , His tank is broken and I now live in an appartment. He is taking up my display tank, and doesnt suit the direction I want to go in.

I will only trade/sell this fish to someone who is interested in Blood Parrots and who I beleive will take good care of it.

This fish was/is very important to my friend, and has been on quite a rough journey with me, as such I reserve the right to be selective of who takes him/her.

I am unsure of the sex and exact age. My mate had it for 12-18 months, and it has been in my care since October last year. It is just over 20cm TL, and very healthy looking fish.




The flash on my camera does not do him any favours, his colours appear very washed out. In person he is a nice Orange colour all over his body, that you see in many red devils


This last pic is my friends helping me move out of my house(the one in the background) during the floods, im on the end in black with my discus {RIP} in that esky. The big green bin however is holding the blood parrot. They were the last things to come out of the house, and many of the people around thought i was nuts for trying to save my fish in buckets. This is one of the reasons I feel like I can be very picky about who takes this fish.

If any one is interested in this fish at all let me know, and we can have a chat. NO IDEA what a blood parrot is worth so thats something we can chat about, but I am interested in trades on; Clown Loaches, Orange Head Geos and maybe a few others if i can think of them.

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ok looks to be male and @ 20cm shit thats big i would say its around 5 years old

it has a nice thick tail

blood parrots are not worth that much as males

females 10-15cm $70-$100 if they have breed if not about $40-$50ea

males 99.9% infertial and around $20-$40

BUT if he has breed hes worth $100-$150

hope that helps

i have 12 blood parrots and 2 kkp = king kong parrots

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