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FS - 5x2x2 stand and hood recently re-sealed + Freebie

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For sale I have one of my 5x2x2's was purchased of this forum not long ago in need of a full re-seal as the sides were giving way. so the tank has been re-sealed all except for the back pannel to the base and back pannel to the bracing (so the front and 2 sides were removed, all edges cleaned up and all re-sealed and new 1" black edging put on)

Front glass is scratched up pretty darn bad.

Tank does not leak at all as re-seal is awesome (done by cichlidwife on this forum)

drilled with bulkheads for a sump (sump not included but can throw in a 2.5ft sump that needs baffles re siliconed in)

has a 3d rock backgroud siliconed in (not done by me and to be honest I dont really like it)

comes with 40-50KG white sand (bunnings play sand) and a some rocks if you would like.

stand is very solid and looks fairly nice If I was keeping ti id sand back and re-paint as I dont like the black but thats just me, and the hood the same although the "door" bit on the hood is slightly warped from teh head and moisture I assume.

has all lids but they all ahve small chips in them but there lids and you dont see them when the hood is on.

No light, can throw in a aqua one internal (thing is huge its about 12" wide and 15" tall if nto bigged, room for a load of media(can possibly include some noodle and foam if i can find my box of media) filter works well but will only be included if I get what im chassing, same goes can throw in an Aqua world 300W heater If the price is right.

(will try adn get photos tonight)

Reason for sale is that I am moving house and the new place doesnt have space for all my tanks and this is the last one left that im willing to part with.

$450 ono


4x15 stand, painted black needs some TLC got it for free of here was going to get a tank for it for my move but as the new place wont have the space anyway ill throw it back up for free on here again.

All pickup from Clontarf, cant deliver as I dont have a car that it will fit in anymore and I dont ahve a trailer (yet)


call after 5:45 or text during the day (at work)

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