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pistol shrimp

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so I keep hearing random clicking noises say at least 20-30 times a day (really annoying as its rite next to the bed)

im certain its not mechanical as checked all them things out so my only alternative is thats its a pistol shrimp although i have never seen it!

any1 no of any ways to catching it? or if i have to resort to pulling apart the hole tank to find him....where abouts he would be hiding??



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Yeah that should work! But will other methods, it will depend on if u have other fish in there or not. The old cut the top of a coke bottle and put it in reverse with some food/bait, catches stuff, easy to get in, hard to get out. But if u have other fish in there they might get caught in it

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Mate if it is an uneven click or in singles,it is most likely a mantis shrimp,pistals normally use a double click as there territorial or finding a partener sound.

The mantis will come in the live rock more so than the pistal,these tend to live between the rock and substrate,the mantis moves all over.

If the clicking is more pronounced at day time,it could be a pistal,if its more so at night,it may be a mantis.

If the small life forms start to disappear after some months and the bigger ones as time goes on,you have the most efficiant killer in the sea in your tank.

I have had so many probs with those things over lots of past years,these days i boil and bleach the base rock and place on it well checked life forms to make sure none of these killers get in and it gets colonised.

I hope you have a pistal,they can a be a bit noisy,but except for digging a gap under some rock and it toples,they are harmless.

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Interesting. I have a pair of CBA in my tank with cerith, turbo, and trochus snails. My tank clicks rarely in the day but more so of a night. I really haven't placed much concern around it because my tank is in the lounge room. Is it more likely to be one of these critters or would it be a mantis?

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I find pistols can pop a lot at night time.

I too have had bad experiences with mantis (and good ones too lol)

these days I buy some cheap soda water and tip it over new liverock

it makes the pistols and mantis mission out of the rock nicely

I use a standard crab trap vs these guys

that is

I use a schooner beer glass


up the right way

against a bit of rock

this way craps/shrimp can easily climb in to get the bait

but have trouble getting out

although some shrimp work out how to jet themselves out

most dont

pistol shrimp are likely to have dug tunnel burrows through sand/grit though

so can be hard to get them out

if its a mantis

taking out rock and tipping soda water over it

seems to work pretty well tho

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