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New Member with Africans and Americans

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Thought i'd join the forums and put up some pics of my fish. Currently ive got some Saum/Green terrors-lots of Babies, Blue acara's, one large Male Convict, Mixed Africans and a Pleco

The Africans are getting set up in a Aqua One 980t that I just picked up, The Americans live in a little 4foot tank, and the Saum babies live in my daughters 50lt Tank.

Ive got one large 20cm Gold Saum male that currently "homeless" due to my other smaller boy not liking him much, so along with the convict they will probably get sold off, along with the 100-odd babies ive got. Here's some pics, sorry just off the crappy iPhone.

The big boy


My little White edge girl with her Gold boy




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Thanks everyone....bloody addictive hobby, only got the White and Gold Saum 4 months ago and a small tank....bought the 4 foot and the 250lt all in the last 3 weeks...then started buying lots! Will be getting somemore Africans over the next few weeks and setting the tanks up abit more

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Welcome MRNOS.

Tell me about it, really addictive! I'm ready to sell the wife! But you can get hooked onto this forum just as easy! Thanks for the pictures & enjoy the knowledge from the great characters from the forum! I know squat & have learnt lots in the few months I've been keeping fish, all from this fantastic place.

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Wow your fish are beautiful I'm new to the whole fish keeping thing but man I'm so addicted and so loving it. I'm still tryna figure this site out as well, I also have a convict about 5cm and would love to get some cichlids especially some like yours. Absolutely amazing :)

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