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Hey guys,

Just a query in redgards to partially covering a heater with substrate. I know it specifies on the instructions to not do this, but to stand my heater upright in the tank, the bottom 30mm approx would have to be buried in the sand. Otherwise I would have to put it at an angle or horizontal which isn't desirable as it's a display tank and I'm trying to conceal it as much as possible.

The element in the heater stops about 15mm from the bottom, so essentially I would only be covering 15mm of the actual element.

Has anyone tried this?

I imagine the main concern is a creating a 'hot spot' and having the heater crack?

Anyone had this happen to them?

Could I get away with it?



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I personally am not game enough to do that- I make sure my Jager heaters never touch any gravel - I am always checking them for that. But I am a worry wart - so maybe some others have other suggestions.

You can of course lay the heater above the gravel/subtrate length ways (horizontal) and hide with plants if you a planted tank or caves?

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