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Thanks Graeme ... I always enjoy scanning through the names for those I recognize. Good to see the next generation kicking some parental butt :) ... looks as though some things never change with the standard of names popping up though. Congrats to all that entered. I must plan a Brissie trip at the right time to drop in and have a sticky-beak.

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R.N.A. Results

Class 1 Goldfish Single Tail

1st Common Goldfish G Ludlow

2nd Common Goldfish I Gadishckie

3rd Common Goldfish G Ludlow

Class 2 Goldfish Any Other Variety

1st Ryukin The Aquarium Warehouse

2nd Ryukin The Aquarium Warehouse

3rd Ryukin Fishchick Aquatics

Class 3 Platies & Swordtails

1st Tuxwdo Platy Stephen Baines

2nd Sunset Platy Peter Ford

3rd Red Platy Liam Hovelroud

Class 4 Any Other Variety Livebearer

1st Male Red Guppy Cary Bielenberg

2nd Female Endlers Guppy The Newmans

3rd Male Moscow Black Guppy Tesla Murray

Class 5 Tetras, Rasboras or Danios

1st Flameback Bleeding Heart Tetra Fishchick Aquatics

2nd Rosy Tetra Greg Ure

3rd Zebra Danio Peter Ford

Class 6 Catfish

1st Peppermint Bristlenose Liam Hovelroud

2nd Gold Spot Pleco Paule & Leanne Price

3rd Sailfin Pleco Scott Hovelroud

Class 7 Betta Splendens

1st Copper Mustard Plakat Fishchick Aquatics

2nd Red female betta Fishchick Aquatics

3rd Marbled Plakat Fishchick Aquatics

Class 8 Anabantids AOV

1st Dwarf Gourami City Farmers Mitchelton

2nd Black Paradise Fish G Heidke

Class 9 Any Other Variety Tropical

1st Cherry Barb Peter Ford

2nd Cherry Barb Fishchick Aquatics

3rd Botia Striata Gary Parker

Class 10 Afro- Asian Cichlids

1st Paratilapia polleni Savage

2nd OB Peacock The Newmans

3rd Placidochromis phenochilus Scott Hovelroud

Class 11 Nth & Central American

1st Red female Cary Bielenberg

2nd Herichthys pearsei Savage

3rd Vieja fenestratus Savage

Class 12 Sth American Cichlids

1st Oscar Paul & Leann Price

2nd Blue Sapphire Angel Peter Ford

3rd Marble Angel The Newmans

Class 13 Discus - Solid Colour

1st Red Discus Jeannie Murray

2nd Discus The Aquarium Warehouse

3rd Discus The Aquarium Warehouse

Class 14 Discus - Spotted / Patterned

1st Discus The Aquarium Warehouse

2nd Discus The Aquarium Warehouse

3rd Discus The Aquarium Warehouse

Class 15 Big Fish

1st Vieja fenestratus - marbled City Farmers Mitchelton

2nd Synodontid eupterus The Newmans

3rd H bourcouti Paul & Leann Price

Class 16 Australian Rainbow fish / Sunfish

1st Rhadincentrus ornatus Leo O'Reilly

2nd Chilatherina campsi N Stanton & M Ryan

3rd Ps signifer Peter Ford

Class 17 Any Other Variety Australian Freshwater fish

1st Pandaka lidwilli Peter Ford

2nd Mugilgobius stigmaticas Stephen Baines

Class 18 Community of Exotic Tropical Fish

1st Community of Exotic Tropical Fishchick Aquatics

2nd Community of Exotic Tropical Peter Ford

3rd Community of Exotic Tropical The Newmans

Class 19 Community of Australian Freshwater fish

1st N.T native community Leo O'Reilly

2nd Community of PNG fish Peter Ford

3rd Native community N Stanton

Class 20 Community of Marine life

1st Community of Marine life Hayden Joy

2nd Community of Marine life Hayden Joy

Class 21 Clown fish

1st Percula clown Hayden Joy

Class 22 AOV Marine

1st Stone fish Hayden Joy

Class 23 Amphibians / Crustraceans

1st Cherry Shrimp The Newmans

2nd Destructor crayfish Gary Parker

Class 24 Aquascaped

1st Aquascaped Fishchick Aquatics

2nd Aquascaped Stephen Baines

Class 25 Planted Aquariums

1st Planted Fishchick Aquatics

2nd Planted The Newmans

Class 26 Design & Technique

1st Design & Technique Tesla Murray

2nd Design & Technique Max Ryan

3rd Design & Technique Liam Hovelroud

4th Design & Technique Claire Newman

Champion Goldfish

Ryukin The Aquarium Warehouse

Champion Exotic Tropical

Cherry Barb Peter Ford

Champion Cichlid

Red Cary Bielenberg

Champion Discus

Discus The Aquarium Warehouse

Champion Australian freshwater Fish

Pandaka lidwilli Peter Ford

Champion Community

N.T. native community Leo O'Reilly

Champion Marine Fish

Clown Fish Hayden Joy

Champion Marine Exhibit ( Hanlon Trophy)

Clown Fish Hayden Joy

Best Planted Exhibit

Aquascape Fishchick Aquatics

Best Livebearer of Show

Male Red Guppy Cary Bielenberg

Best Egg Layer of Show

Red Cary Bielenberg

Champion Fish of Show

Red Cary Bielenberg

Best Exhibit of Show

Ryukin tank The Aquarium Warehouse

Congratulation to all the winners.

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