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Aquaone AR620 all in one tank (2ft) with EVERYTHING!

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Hey all,

have my aquaone AR620 2ft'er up for sale. Everything has to go including fish. Tank and cabinet are mint. Need this to go as i dont want to move it to my new place. Need the funds for rego.

Fish include:

- 1 ebjd 4cm

- 4 Marble b/n 5-8cm

- 3 albino longfin b/n 5cm'ish

- x amount of cherry shrimp

Tanks and bits:

- Aquaone AR620 2ft curved front

- cabinet

- hood

- trickle filter with all media and pumps

- 3d rock background

- 35kg calcarb

- Large peice of slate

- driftwood (2 bits one big one small)

- air pump

- orange cirle air stone thingy

- Jager 55w heater

- full medium bottle of prime

- algae wafers

- container of food

- every other bit and bob of fish stuff i can find.

Chasing $350 for everything. I'll throw in some dvds for that price too if you want them. theyre on this thread...


Best point of contact is to text or call. 0420 744 846



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Like i said i dont know who's who. no one has told me who they are and hence i dont know whos who. i have replied to the first person to text me. Whoever they are, im holding til this avo for pick up. If they dont pick up, im selling it to whoever comes and gets it.

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