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New 6x2x2

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Picked this tank up off brenton (Scuby_Snax) For a steal of a price I thought as its a great tank in display condition.

I purchased an fx5 last thursday from AOA and they matched the reef shops price so another good deal. And I will add the blower from my 7" to puch the water to the intake side so it filters better.

I have ceramic rings in the top and middle with a few bio balls loose rings and a bag of macropore in the bottom and the flow is still awesome! So hopefully that does the job.

I purchased 2 jager heaters from RPC when they were on special so I put one in my 7" and have one in this tank.

The lighting im pretty sure is a 6" T8 light with 2 blue and 2 white bulbs but I might make them all white.

I decided to go with sand as its easy to clean the crap that sits on top of it and I think it looks much better.

Thats pretty much the start of it. Im unsure on the stock so Im gonna let it cycle for a bit.

Im tossing up whether to put the Pbass from the 7" in and redo that tank because im unhappy with the sump as it doesnt stay level.. I might add a weir seeing as its already drilled in the bottom corner and drill the side for return.

Stay tuned for the final outcome when I eventually make my mind up on what I want!

Thanks, Keegan.





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