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Hi guys

Don't know if I've posted this in right section to be honest but I was hoping someone can tell me why my cherry's are behaving a certain way, I'm just curious more than anything.

In only one corner (they have recently changed corners) especially late arvo into the evening/night, a pile of my males will go to this corner and get into a line going from near the bottom of the tank right to just above water level at top.

They all face upwards and then what they do is, walk upwards so the top shrimp eventually jumps away before getting right out of water and then the next one walks up and does the same thing but while this is happening at the top, down the bottom more males are swimming up and taking the space on the bottom and joining the line.

It is really odd to watch and they are doing it every day now. They are not eating, they are too busy walking up the glass and they all stay head to tail the entire way up.

It is a full chain line of shrimp.

My only problem with it is, I have lost a few that don't seem to know where the water is, so they jump straight out of the tank.

Like I said, it's only in the one front corner (it used to be the back corner at opposite end of tank) and it's only ever males that do it.

The way I stop them is by feeding them and I have now covered that corner so they can't jump out anymore.

Any ideas as to why they are behaving this way?

Is it a breeding thing? This is my thoughts, that maybe the scent of the females is being flushed from water flow or something down to this one corner and sending the males into a frenzy.

So have any of you clever guys got any ideas and can help ease my curious mind??

Thanks heaps:)

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Yes I have and all is good (for once)

I did have huge problems a month and more ago but all has been good now for weeks (thanks to the help of some great members here:)

It's not all the males that do this behavior, just a select amount, the rest of them do things normally as do the females and babies.

The jumping out from what I can see is more of an accident, most time as soon as they get the top they just swim off and the line moves off and another new one or I have even seen the same one go back to the end of the line.

It reminds me of a tango line:)

Maybe I just have a small bunch of crazy males!!!

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HO, I haven't done anything for weeks now and it has just started happening.

I notice when I do move a sponge filter, they will all bunch up and start eating from the substrate but this is on the glass only, they are not eating that I can see, they are just doing a conga line thing from about 1cm from bottom to just above water line at top. It's rare they leave any spaces in the middle but if one jumps out midway, it's like they send a message :) and all of a sudden they will move up to fill the space and a new one will swim in and jump on end of line. There's no fighting to get on the end of the line as such, it's just as the line moves up one by one another one will just casually swim in from anywhere and join the end.

Even though they don't seem to be eating 9cause they don't stand still long enough, they are always walking up the corner) I was also thinking maybe there is a bit of food build up or something and it's attracting them, so I might gently swoosh them away and clean that corner and see if it helps.

I busted a juvie female in the line this morning but she jumped out mid way and the males just all moved up and took her spot, she never came back for the time I was watching and I'll admit, it was a while cause it's just so fascinating to watch this behavior.

I wish my cameras was good enough to snap shot it but I don't think it is (but I'm going to try) cause it's so cool to watch but annoying at same time cause some jump out.

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I'll see if my video camera will work, I never thought of that...der:)

Today they didn't do it as much as they have been but for the life of me, I can't see why, nothing has changed for them to suddenly slow it down but I bet by tomorrow morning they will all be back again:)

It very interesting to watch I will admit. I find them great to watch in general let alone when they do something out of the norm like this.

The only other thought I have had is that my tank is becoming overcrowded (I think) and maybe they are trying to escape the rat race :)

I only have the 3ft tank and since I sorted all the water quality problems out, my numbers have sky rocketed and the tank is getting very full of shrimp, especially babies. I'm amazed at how many mums holding eggs I all of a sudden have and how many babies I have. So it looks like they have recovered well from the accidental cull a month or so back.

I was just joking with hubby last night that I need to have stern words with my shrimp about becoming pregnant, cause there is heaps of juvie females holding eggs and they are still so small themselves, especially compared to the adult females, the adults would be at least half their size again. So I have what looks like a lot of teenage pregnancies in my tank :)

I dunno, it's all a mystery at the moment and from the looks of it, it will stay a mystery as no one knows why, not even darn Google!! I don't know if I'm looking in the wrong places or what but there is virtually no info on the net about cherry shrimp behaviors and what's normal and what's not. There is some very basic info but nothing in depth at all.

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