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EOI Custom made tank and cabinet, unique size

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We are thinking about getting rid of our 4ft tank, stand and the cichlids with in tank.

We really need to reduce our tank load, we just have too many for us.

Anyway, as stated it's a unique size as it was made for a part of our house.

It's 4ft long x 2ft high x 1 ft wide, so it's tall and thin but it works great and looks great and we are actually using it as a room divider at the moment due to it's unique dimensions.

It has fully enclosed (with cupboards and shelves) cabinet, canister filter with all piping, one of those big heli wrecks as ornament, light, substrate, rocks, slate etc etc (everything you need to just set it up, plug in and off you go).

There are 4 large Cichlids (I'm pretty sure they are all males) that range anywhere from 8cm to 12cm, they all have beautiful colour and one of them came from a breeder from this site. We got it as a tiny fry accidentally when we purchased his tank set up and he has grown into a beautiful fish. I sadly am not sure on their breeds apart from I know they are Africans. I would have to provide pics for you to see them if anybody is interested.

There is also a few (one is huge) sucker fish (I think they are a catfish type but again not sure) and they have all grown up together in this tank and all get along fine.

Tank is display quality of course and everything is in excellent condition.

Not sure on what it's worth to be honest but we don't want to just give it away for peanuts as it costs us too much (being custom made) so if anybody is interested, please PM an offer and we can talk.

If I get some interest I will post some pics but right now I haven't got any, so I would have to take them to post up.

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