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FS: 3Teir 4ft Setup

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Hey, as said in another post this is the 3 Teired setup that hold 3 4x18x18 Tanks.

It comes with 2 4ft tanks and 1 2ft tank. So it will have room for 1 more 2ft tank. The tanks are in good condition, holding water. 1 4ft is drilled with a bulkhead that I fed into the tank bellow. Then it would pump the water backup in a wier on the drilled tank which is filled with Matrix. Worked well, but pretty rough, nothing pretty because I did it myself :-D

The stand is very sturdy, made of pine (?), but does have a white mould in some parts because of some overflow problems when setting it up. I would suggest painting it as I just spray painted it black.

So it will include:

- Stand

- 2 4ft tanks

- 1 2ft tank

- Return pump and return pipe (flexi hose)

- Bulkhead and return pipe (flexi hose)


- Sand/Calcium carb for 1 4ft tank

- Lots of palm sized sandstone and river rocks

- Pvc pipes, great for breeding/fry

- Martrix and filter bags in the return wier

- Clay pots for breeding

And there will probably be other things I can chuck in if your interested. The tanks need a good clean as you can see by the photos. Whoever buys, I will clean the tanks before you pick up.

$300 Pickup only from Toowoomba, WILL NOT DELIVER because I don't have anything to take it all down to brissy with :-)





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Its very sturdy, and the tanks will be cleaned up. Will also chuck in lots of other items like a egg tumbler, strainers used for egg tumbling, couple floating nets for young fry. Plus I have heaps of buffers, media, diesise treatments, etc. Rocks

Basically just want to get rid of it

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