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super red asian arownas

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Wow thats cheap, did you see the other arowanas in the add for sale, i wonder what their prices are.

It seems legit (micro-chipping/cites cert given) but i would wait for someone with that sellers experience to comment :)

Makes me want another arowana tank...

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LMFAO, you don't seriously believe those ads are legit? You'll have to deposit funds via Western Union and never see the fish or your $s again. This scam has been going since Adam was a boy. Not to mention Asian Arros with microchips are highly illegal.

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Apart from silver aros, which you can get in the $250-700 mark depending on size/condition etc, all asian aro's will set you back $700-1300 for greens the rest you looking at anywhere from 3.5k-16k i recall seeing for sale in Syd a Blue Based Golden cross back a couple years back for the $14k or so....

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After seeing this post I had a chuckle too in regards to the prices as Yes Pet City had silvers for $200 as a crazy special, so i thought i'd email the guys you posted about to see how legit they are trying to be, so this is their reply!!!! LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL :D Sounds legit..................NNNNNOOOOOOTTTTTTTT!!!!!!! XD

Hello Sir / Madam ,

Thanks for the interest concerning our fish.We do have many arowana fish farms where we get the fish from before shipment.we do have arowanas like the golden x back.jardini arowana-chili red, the Red tail golden and super red not forgetting the silvers and the blacks which are also available now.about the exportation size,types and prices,they are as below and we have a promotion going on now so the fish are far cheaper than before and this will last just for a week.

Our Discount prices.

Golden -------------$250 including shipping

Super Red...................$350 including shipping

green and blue----------------$200 including shipping

*Red tail golden(RTG)-------$250 including shipping

Chili red---------------$300 including shipping

*Asian red-----------------$350 including shipping

jardini arowana----------------------- --------$250including shipping

silver---------------------$ 100 including shipping

black---------------------$120 including shipping

I will be shipping the fish to you from one of our fish farms below

Cynthia's Fish Farm

Cynthia Fish Pond Ltd (Victoria Cameroon)

Address: Once way Akwa Douala Littoral

Postal code:00237

Delivery Agency: Prompt by FEDEX/DHL

Guarantee:we will provide safe delivery of your fish and if anything happens to the fishes as they get to you,send them back immediately and have a replacement or refund.

Packing: plastic Bags(air 50% : 50% water)with maintenance or keeping manual.Well i have a few questions for you before we can proceed do you or have you ever had any arowana before? Which exact breed/type do you want? how soon do you need the fish? sorry for all the questions but i need to know these facts first.mail back with your address and present location so we can proceed.waiting on your reply.get back to us as soon as possible so that we can proceed .

Or call me on +237-7827-8399

Thanks .



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That is definitely a scam, I know it when I see one, I kept Asian before and believe you me, a green will cost you 1000 dollars, a RTG around 2000 dollars, a Red at 4000 dollars and a X-back should be around 5000 dollars and above !!!! Who the hell will sell to you at such a cheap price after going through the trouble of going past immigration custom and bribing immigration officer along the way ? No one !!!!

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