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Sailfin Pleco odd colour change

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Hey guys,

Now I've put this in here as I'm not sure if it is an 'issue' or not just yet.

I've got a 40cm sailfin pleco that I've had for over 2 years know, he's a fairly active guy who eats like a horse (so a typical sailfin plec)

Now about a week ago he started a bit of an odd colour change. He began getting very blotchy and becoming a very light yellowish colour and now, has undergone a full 100% change, his entire body is at least 50-70% lighter and more yellow then he was previously.

Now before everybody jumps on the bandwagon to say that its normal for a pleco to change colour - I realize this. He has been moved from a few different tanks with a range of substrates in the time I've had him (playsand, black gravel, river sand, to now black bare bottom) and he has always changed colour according to his mood and substrate.

But this is different, he's been in this tank for over a year and never changed colour anything even close to this. Nothing has changed in the tank for months.

He's eating normally, active like always and no signs of ill health (no heavy breathing, no sunken stomach)

The other thing to note is when looking closely at him, in the yellow areas he has developed tiny black dots all over his body, these are not external (don't seem parasitic as its too uniform) and seem very much apart of this colour change. The dots are smaller then a grain of sand each and less then 2mm apart.

These dots could have been there the entire time and only noticeable now that he's lighter in colour - not sure?

Any suggestions, opinions or references?

PH: 7.6

Amm: 0ppm

Nitrite: 0ppm

Nitrate: 25ppm

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