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you design a tank

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the rules

no over stocking

tank size 6x2x2 (700L)

you MUST make 1 african tank AND 1 american tank

i honestly know NOTHING about africans so id say 4 Frontosa Kigoma 6 electric yellows 4 electric blues and a goldspot pleco

aquascape white sand with some nice big bits of driftwood!

american option 2 devils 4 convicts(1 regular set 1 albino set) a green terror (all fish gotten at about4-6cm with a 9cm firemouth(there limited to 15cm so why not make the smallest fish the boss because itll be the biggest) a small salmontail cat and lastly goldspot pleco gotten at 12cm or there abouts

aquascape-black gravel a few caves a nice piece of driftwood as a centrepiece with a rock wall behind it (with some caves in that :D)

your go! remember 1 african tank 1 american tank(doesnt have to be aggressive can go discus and rams) and your limited to a 6x2x2 tank

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1: West African Tank

- 10 wild kribensis

- 35 red congo tetras

- 3 butterfly fish

- 8 otocinclus (not biotope correct, however in the west african streams suckermouthed catfishes distant relatives to the synodontis exist, so a suitable replacement)

Thin layer of play sand with larger 12mm or so gravel very loosely mixed in with the sand. Large boulders surrounded by smaller cobbles, placed using the rule of thirds, to break up the substrate. Mellaleuca roots are penetrating the waters surface and indian almond leaves are scattered along the bottom for the kribensis to hid in. Plants feature in the tank as well, including banana lillies reaching the top, for the tetras to swim through.

2: Central American Tank

- 2 bocourti cichlids

- 2 pearsei cichlids

- 4 sajica cichlids

- 4 ellioti cichlids

- 2 Nicaraguan cichlids

As the previous setup minus the plants, and more solid branches.

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Ok I will try (not really into americans)

African tank; Coral sand, Slate rock background, Group of 5 black pearl calvus, 5 Gold comps, a pair of trets 5 cookoos and a big male Frontosa.

American; Rock background, unknown substrate at this stage, and about 25 standard convicts. No other fish.

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