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FS: 3Teir 4ft Setup

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Selling my small breeding setup due to lack of time for these tanks any longer.

-Includes black pine stand.

-2 4x15x15 tanks (one tank is split into 2x2foot tanks with glass divider)

-1 4x15x18 tank

the 4x15x15 tanks are painted black on the sides/back and base and are in good condition

the 4x15x18 is a repaired tank but does not leak and is not painted black.

will come with 4-5 large sponge filters and a 4x air pump to run them.

will also come with white gravel enough for all of the tanks.

I can not deliver as i don't have a car big enough. You will need a ute.

looking for what i paid $250

pm me with any interest please for further information.


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This topic is now closed to further replies.

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