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FS.. FISHBEE's bargain of the century (tanks and fish)

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hi all

its a bit hard to follow the template so here we go....

i will not sell separate if you want certain item/s only then work it out with someone or other people because i want everything to be picked up in the same day and for those time wasters please dont inquire and save our time.


7x2.5x2.5 12mm glass back painted black 2x 25mm bulk heads

2 of 4x2x2 same deal as above 10mm glass





3x18x18 full of media ( running the 7ftr)

a super quite sump pump 10000 lph (JEBAO)


3 tiers wooden stand made to accomodate 9 3x2 tanks complete with plumbings

2 of 2 tiers heavy duty pallet rackings fully adjustable in both height and width


2 steel enamel bath tub hold about 400 liters maybe more on one of them

1 blue drum drilled to be used for sump


3 jager heater 300w

1 aquaone 200w

1 aquaone 4 outlet air pump

10 large sponge filters

1 aquaone internal filter 1800lph

1 jebao internal filter 1800lph

bulk head fittings


1 x 4ft T5

1x 6ft fluoro with white plastic reflectors

white sands and heaps of slate and rock pieces


MASIVE breeding pair of doviis

Huge breeding pair of jaguars

Big breeding pair of red devils

1 female snook

1 male syns

2 female fenestratus

1 male zonatums

1 male creamsickle red devil

1 male purpleflame FH

3 male jags

trio of doviis

adult pair of bocourtis

1 male umbee

trio of adult oscars


gotta take em all though, no splitting and no helping in loading

i might have other thing laying around as well

so get your mates

get your truck

gimme the cash

and BOBs your uncle


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Im keen as on these:

3 tiers wooden stand made to accomodate 9 3x2 tanks complete with plumbings

10 large sponge filters

3 jager 300W heaters

mostly the 3 tier stand. But i dont have $1000 to buy the lot - so whoever gets it, if you want to split or something - please let me know :)

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I have had a shed load of pm's

Asking to buy some of what I've

Bought from fishbee

I only really want 5 fish and the

Only way i was going to get them

Was buy the lot i have no more

room for tanks in my shed so if anyone

Wants the deal for $1000 - 5 fish pm

Me I can help with loading the tanks

If no offer is made for the lot I will

Then split the sale


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Fish i am keeping

Bocourti Thats the reason i got the lot

One each of Umbee Jag Dovii Im looking around the 25cm I would not take any from breeding pairs

if there to big or to small i would take the T5 4 foot light instead

$1000 its yours Will help move tanks

If not sold i have no problem buying this myself and splitting

more than half has had interest already at more than asking price


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