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FS more BARGAIN (fish and driftwood)

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hi all

i forgot these things

1 male pink giant gourami 40cms 200 bucks

truckload of driftwoods

3 x 7ftrs with heaps of holes and twist great for catfish and growing plants (will fit in a 7ftr tank minimum)

1 x 3ftr boomerang shape ( will fit in a 4x2x2 min)

heaps of other smaller pieces of 3 ftr and 2 ftr of twisted roots and logs

you can cut them to suit your tank and it will still look awesome

take the lot for 250 buks ( driftwood only)

or take driftwoods and pink GG for 400 buks and get a bonus sump pump 4300lph working but need a new magnet

sorry no piccies, my camera is packed somewhere


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This topic is now closed to further replies.

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