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7x2x2 Tank stand hood with lights.

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Ok up for sale is a 7 x 2 x 2 tank. 10 or 12mm sides with 10 or 12mm base. Good condition with the usual scratches but I had it as display.. Its drilled in the left corner with 2 holes and bulkheads, unsure of size though.. The old owner had a canister filter connected to it but it looks like there was a weir at some point.

I was going to put a weir and run it with my sump but I cbf..

The stand is pretty plain. Its basically half a cabinet. I was going to add doors etc but yet again cbf. ITS VERY STRONG THOUGH! And very sturdy!

The hood is alright but yet again plain and yet again I was gonna do it up but yet again I cbf!

Theres 2 4 foot dual fluros wired up with one plug.. Only 3 bulbs though but still bright.

It would be awesome If someone took the time to do it up...

I am chasing $450 which is cheap for a 7 foot tank with stand and hood..

Please no lowballers.




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This topic is now closed to further replies.

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