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EOI 4fter

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hey guys this is EOI its my partners tank its a 4x15x18 display tank it comes with



lids for the tank

ph tester kit


aquaone light

ornaments rocks lava rock


white gravel


1200/lph canister filter (brand new)

air pump and air curtain

also has about 20 african cichlids some i can name are electric yellow, maingano, hongi, cobolt blue, crimson tide, red forest jewels, white knight, red zebs, blue zebs, venustus, and a few others all are nice size display fish also has around 8-10 common bristlenose

ill put pics up in next day or so

this is EOI and am looking for offers atm not really keen to sell at all but offer is good she will sell as we want my old mans 6x2x2 cheers guys

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This topic is now closed to further replies.

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