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Guest Kamfa

160l Re-scape and Re-stock

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Hey guys,

Ysterday I had had it. To fed up of Americans with all their dramas, not to mention the tank was massively overstocked to the point where a 50% water change per week did absolutely nothing, with ammonia levels through the roof I drew a line. I took my countless numbers of americans into THE PET BARN and have a new view now.

I have now been convinced to go for a semi-communal tank. I have some mecula-ish driftwood in the tank that fits nicely, but to my shock when I got home my small Texas had somehow stayed in.

Tank description

AQUA ONE AR-850, Black, 160L


Standard wet/dry filter system

300w heater

3 lights in hood


River sand

Twiggy piece of driftwood

(more to come)

Another story guys, while I was trying my hardest to retrieve my very small Americans I took out the sunken ornamental air craft carrier, and carried it through to my bathroom, on the way back to my bedroom I saw small black things on the ground and picked one up, and it moved! Anyway, it was found t be baby bristle nose that must have fallen out of the boat! I went and picked all of the up, and went back to the bathroom and picked up the boat, to my absolute shock there was a puddle of hundreds of baby's! So I tried to save as many as I could, I don'tthnk I saved all of them but a few :)

Thanks guys, updates and photots will shortly follow when I get home from school


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