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wtb 2ft-3ft cube tank?

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hey guys

im looking to buy a cube for my new marine tank :)

does anyone know of anyone selling one ?

it can range from 2ft to 3ft :D 3ft prefferable :D

also does anyone know how much dennison from mary annes

would be expecting for one for one of these new?



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I have a marine 2ft cube (With drilled weir and black acrylic cover), sump, cabinet, crown/pelmet hood, Aquabee? return pump possibly.

Its a Haiyang HY-680 or something - retail around $1000.00 newand has a beautiful curved glass front. Display quality.

After $400 for the lot.

Bonus free:

Mini venturi skimmer.

250W MH SE fitting, good reflector and electronic ballast - was working but need a globe to test? hence its free.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.

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