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Cleaning Cannister Filters

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yeah the above is a reasonable guide.

Is it the only filter on the tank? how well stocked is the tank? how longs the tank been setup?

A good canister filter, on a tank that's not over stocked should last a month without needing to be cleaned. If your finding it clogs up in two weeks, your feeding to much or don't have enough filtration.

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The tank is roughly 220 litres and has 14 juvenile cichlids in it .i am not sure if that's overstocked but its probably getting close to it.

the tank is currently running 2 cannister filters one i have used before but didnt really know what i was doing and the other brand new they have been running for over a month but have only had fish in it for about 3 coming on 4 weeks now when i had it setup before it didnt ever seem to perform very good with the one filter is why i brought the second filter.

the first filter i had was Mozoo it didnt seem to work very well so i brought a aqua one 1250 which is working really well and giving me crystal clear water so to get back to my original question how long do i wait till i clean my cannnisters

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Thanks guys for the advise so far its cleared a few questions i had.

So another thing when i clean my filter media do i just clean the pads and leave the other stuff alone or do i run the tank's water through all of it?.. or is it ok to rince the pads under tap water and the other media in tank water

Hope this makes sence

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Wash all your media in tank water, tap water will kill your biological filtration.

I clean my canisters (an aquis2400 and FX5) on my 7.5ft as they need it which is generally once every 2-3 months depending on how dirty they are.

I don't run Dacron in them as it clogs then too easily.



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While you guys are on the topic of cleaning canister filters... has anyone else got one of the filters that doesn't have an easy push button to self suction in the water when re setting it up? the one on my smaller tank does, which is great, but when I clean my large tank filter, I usually have to resort to siphoning it by mouth, and I can't begin to explain how gross it is copping a mouth full of tank water, especially just before finding out that your fish have camallanus worms... I'm wondering if there is an easier way to go about it other than using my mouth O_o (I already pre-fill the filter as much as possible before beginning to siphon).

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