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Marine setup complete! 6x2x2 with everything you need

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Hi guys, well all my livestock has finally gone so its time to sell the tank. Details are as follows

6 X 2 X 2 foot tank with a 3 foot X 1.5 X 1.5 foot sump complete with all pumps and plumbing, filter media, crushed coral rubble. The overflow and return piping is on one side as this was used as a room divider but the return go's across the top of the tank to the other side. This is also on a steel stand.

4 5000ltr wavemakers and internal fluval4 filter

2 300watt heaters

2 protien skimmers, 1 is a dymax X30 i believe rated to 800ltrs, and an aquaworld wg-524 skimmer also rated to 800ltrs!

40KG of base rock so you can start your own aquasquaping

Digital timing board and numerous amounts of individually controlled power boards and points neatly secured.

MG1500 aquaone lighting system with hanging and tank stand kit, this contains 3 150w metal halides and 8 pc tubes for antinics, globes recently replaced.

Alot of test kits for everything you wish to keep, Nitrite, nitrate, ph, amonnia, 2 calcium kits, magnesium, alkalinity

About 10 packs of frozen food varietys.

Like i said everything you need to get started into marine or a simple upgrade to what you have!

Bad parts are, one side of the tank has a couple scratches but arent that bad, and you can always turn the tank around the other way on the better side anyway.

It is salt water so a bit of rust has appeared, so before setting up the tank, it wouldnt hurt for a new coat of rust kill on it while it is apart.

I have cut out the front and back of the hood to make it easier for feeding, but have not attached the back parts back on yet, so they will need doing (hinges and handle was like $10 from bunnings for the front ones.)

Thats about all i can think off at the moment. Any questions just ask.

If you have ever set up a tank like this you know how expensive it can be so i think this is pretty cheap.

Asking $800

Pictures are on this link http://www.masa.asn.au/phpBB3/buysell/single_ad.php?ad_id=11417

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haha yeah i know what you mean, i had 2 6 footers going at once and i dont think she was to impressed considering i took over the second loungeroom with fish tanks.

had a few lowballers so far and im pretty set on price.

NEW PRICE $700!! the lot

will sell for $500 without the light and base rock

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