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Bristle nose Nursery tank

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I feel a little ashamed, as so many of you post photos of beautiful, stunning fish... Here is my nursery tank, only bought it to house my common BN fry, only have about 17 of them... (will eventually post pics of my main tank when I get the time and money to make it something to be proud of lol


(serious snail epidemic atm...)



here's mum and dad (despite I think the bull got jiggy with my old albino female at some stage too, they are also the BNs in my avatar)


Hope you are all having a great weekend!


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thanks guys :) I was just ashamed because everyone elses fish are pretty much colourful/rare/expensive breeds, not just plain ol common BNs :(. I never planned to breed. but my fish decided otherwise (only 6 bns and a troop of tiny guppy fry in my main tank, doesn't look all that active atm). Just got a little more drift wood (at extortion prices!) and going to get more weed to pretty it up for them soon.

not to sound like a spaz, but yay finding nemo just started lol >_<

found him ;)


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Just fixed up my two tanks, thought i'd put current pics I took of them today, as the nursery one was taken a few months ago :) If I had the money i'd make schmick looking tanks :( until then, basic.

My main tank (all bristle nose and just guppy fry)


Fry tank


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