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Veija zonatum in breeding dress

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I thought I would share some pictures of my breeding pair of Veija Zonatum.

They are in full breeding dress. Unlike a lot of cichlids they get pale when they breed and their barring changes.

Anyway I hope that you like the pictures

The pair


The female


The male


The male again



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When they are young they sort of look like maculicauda. but as they get bigger they turn blue. When young they have red Claudal fins and spotty and gray through the body. They get pale when in breeding dress. When they grow up they look like the picture below. There are several varials as well. 1 from the Atlantic ocean side of the American continent and 1 from the Pacific side of the continent.

This photo below is from Google image and is not my fish


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Thanks Craigo and Mackayman

Bidkev it's true that you can see similarities with Fenestratum. Some people say Black belts and others say they look like melanaurus.

I can guarantee that they are not hybrid.

And they are 16cm for the male and 14cm for the female.

There is heaps of discussion about these fish and their origins in both the UK and the USA.

These fish look diferent in breeding dress than they do in normal colouration.

Look at the red on the caudal, one of the key features when looking at true zonatum.

If they are going into spawning dress, then the lateral bar will be broken up, as the colour and markings change.

The type locality are Rio Niltepec, this region is pacific side as opposed to sp. Coatzacoalcos populations, Atlantic side.

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