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Vertex Illumilux advice

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I have been considering getting one for my 6ft tank. I have since done some research and will be heading towards the Aqua Illumination modular systems as you can not only set them up how you like, but they are also cheaper. On top of this, they are also able to be integrated into other control systems and you don't have to rely on the built in one.

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I haven't found anyone in Australia yet, but I am going to get them off these guys -> Aquarium LED Lighting and Accessoriesand Accessories I am going to get the 72" package which they have quoted will cost 235USD to ship. If you use the coupon code 5off when you add it to your cart, you will get an extra 5% off ;)

The good thing about these lights is that the power pack takes a standard PC plug and is rated up to 240v. So all you need is a couple of AUS pc plugs and you don't have to worry about plug adapters etc.

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Sorry, I hope you don't mind me sharing this message as I would like to share it with others and get feed back regarding what I currently have planned.

From what i just read they arent bad. Cant seem to find any seller in brisbane. Are you going to start a marine tank?

Yeah, unfortunately I haven't found any sellers in Brisbane, but as I have posted in the thread they are easily converted to aus power which is a bonus when ordering from OS. I am converting my 6x2x2.3ft tank to a full marine tank and I didn't want to have an limitations on what I could keep, hence why I am going for this light.

The only 2 bad things I have heard about these lights are that the stand that comes with it only holds in about couple of cm off the water. This doesn't worry me, as I am going to build it into my hood. The second thing is that if they are too close to the water they have a spot light effect. Again, not a huge worry as I can lift them from the water. I believe I worked out they have to be about 20cm away to disperse the light as evenly as possible through my tank. If it is still an issue, you can change the lenses in the middle LED optics from 70 degrees to 40 degrees rather easily. I have read that they sell the optics fo $40 to change an entire module over to 40 degrees. I am in the process of drawing up how I want the optics to work. I have planned to the optics around to create the best lighting for all the different corals.

I have quickly added what I have drawn up so far, unfortunately I am having troubles with getting it to shade the areas in due to layering, so bare with me.

The green areas are the bracing, the yellow in the middle is my return pipe (this is a big reason I started to look away from vertex as I could move the pipe, but I would rather not) and the blue on the left hand side is my weir.

When the lights I have crossed through the optics that I am thinking of having as 70 degrees and the open ones are 40 degrees. The idea of this design is that the corals that need high intensity light are catered for and where there is open areas the light is spread through out the tank.


I have read that these lights can actually burn corals if you have the intensity too high, so I am still working out if I should just have them all as 40 degree optics.

After all that, I have just realised that you are going to be doing a planted tank .... lol. I guess others can read the marine stuff ;)

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