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finally up and going! new 6x2x2 with custom built hood, stand and sump!

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Hey guys, finaly have got the pictures worked out on my computer and have my new tank up and running, still have a few minor adjustments on my sump.

It has been a long project in making the hood, stand and sump. It all started when i went into my LFS and purchased a 4 cm bass and put him in my 4ft tank, threw in a heater and started feeding him. He is now 18 cms and going well with another 12cm barramundi. I started looking for a bigger tank for the pair and ended up buying a 6x2x2, the guy from my LFS said it was going to take 3 weeks to build the tank as he had a few little tanks to build and would have to let mine cure for a while after making it, after drivinga round all day getting prices and looking at the way tanks were built i was convinced to buy one from warners bay aquarium. Was a bit pricey but was well worth it in the end.

I took the measurements of the display tank home, called into hudsons (hardware shop) and purchased some timber, plywood and MDF so i could start building my stand that afternoon (way too excited by this stage).

I got home and started to cut out the frame for my stand, thinking i would have it done in a week, well..... as i am a carpenter and work 6 days a week things went a little down hill from there lol.

Anyway was a long on going project but i stuck through it and got it done!! i am hoping to put some pics up please have a look and any comments are much appreciated!! always looking of bettering my ideas, so dont hesitate

Thanks guys



Frame built.


2 coats of undercoat and then waterproofing.



Doors hung.

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