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Sev's are breeding!

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My pair of golds did the other day but there farily young too only there second go at it don't be surprised if the eat all the eggs yum! They will get it right after a few goes at it mine have eaten the eggs twice now:(

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Yeah got pits all over the tank lol yeah mine laid on slate maybe third time lucky !

Probably more like 5th or 6th time lucky with sevs lol.

I've bred sevs previously and I have another young pair ATM, so I might be able to give you some advice.

First of all - if they are in a community tank, segregate them from the other tank mates.

The only other bit of advice I'll give you is not to disturb them, just do your wc, leave them alone and for gods sake don't mess with your tank params and they'll breed,

Don't worry about them eating the eggs either, sevs normally take a few goes to get it right.

Just gotta be patient


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