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my first big tank

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my new 4x3x1.5, 400L tank and first tank over 40 litres lol

fish in the tank are

2x GT's

4x convicts

1x oscar

1x gold spot pleco

tank hardware

2x 300w heaters

1x overhead filter, 2000lph

2x 3 foot lights in the over head, 1x white, 1x blue

tank decorations

black/brown 5ml substrate

2x mangrove roots

2x rocks

this will all be changed soon as i have a large mangrove root on the way which is the height of the tank and spreads out at the bottom, so the decoration of the tank will be based around that probley with a few random rocks and maybe a couple of live plants

well thats all i can think of for now and please leave your feedback whether it be good or bad

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