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6x2x2 Marine Tank

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Hey everyone

Just thought I'd post up some pics of my new marine tank

Its a 6x2x2 tank, with home made cabinet and hood

2x 6ft Aqualina lights housing white, actinic and moon lighting

Filtration is via a 4ft trickle sump and skimmer

Chiller is a Hailea HC-500A

Has a nice mix of live rock and corals, including leatherfingers and elegance

Fish include:

4x blue chromis

pair of mated Maroon clowns

Mimic tang

Yellow tang

Naso vlamingi

Emperor angel

cleaner wrasse

longnose hawkfish

blue cheek goby

flame angel

1x pj cardinals (had 4, but 3 of em got sucked into the bottom of the powerhead :( wife upset lol)

pair of mandarins

pair of zebra goby

small blue linckia starfish

large blue linckia starfish

large spotted linckia starfish


since buying this, ive spent a lot less time on the computer and lot more time watching my new "tv" lol...

thought I might show it off a bit lol

better pics to come when i get the good camera out!!








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updated fish list and pics
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thx raven!

i'm gonna try and get some good shots of the tangs, the three of them are really good looking

its pretty easy to maintain, its a fairly simple set up with the sump and skimmer

all i really have to do is keep an eye on the water, and make sure the parameters are at the right levels, and its good to go

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sweet as QC!!! i was initially planning a 6ft planted discus tank, but then "she who must be obeyed" saw a marine tank, and all of a sudden, here we are!

i gotta say tho, its quite possibly the best move we've ever made as far as having a display tank in the lounge room!!

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Simmon Elegance will be fine with that mix. Just find them a nice spot on the floor of the tank and they will open right up for you. one of the easiest corals to keep in my opinion.....my clowns work my elegance but of course it all comes down to the individual fish. I have always found Maroons one of the easiest clowns to get to host.

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Oh my other question was...are your mandarins eating prepared food? did you buy them already eating and if yes where? I have been trying to find a pair of madarins for ages that are accepting prepared food as I have cut back to a nano and wont have a big enough pod population to support them long term.

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haha hey luke, wondered when u would pop in ;) better come around for another coffee ;)

deeg, thx for the info on the elegance--- as far as the mandarins go, i got them from aquarium warehouse at underwood, they sold em for $40 ea, but i think they only charged me $20ea (they had a lot of stock at 50% off)

the mandarins seem to be feeding ok, they are pretty much scooting around the rocks picking up whatever drops down, ive been using the FishFuel food tablets, and a finely chopped marinara mix that the missus got from woolies

where did you get ur elegance from mate?

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I have had many elegances over the years but the one I have at the moment is from Pet city. You are very lucky to have mandarins that eat prepared food. Great tank...keep us updated as you progress through the world of reef keeping :)

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so i was bored last night, looking for something to do that didnt involve house cleaning or making lunches haha

THEN i spotted the box of rocks sitting in the corner :idea:

so, long story short, the sleeves got rolled up and i got to work lol

as always, comments and suggestions welcome!






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moorish idol and banner fish may nip elegance corals

and clowns can irritate them

usually this isnt enough to kill them, but ya may not see them at full extension.

even angels can harrass them.

but that said it seems to be working for you

so uh,,,,,, keep doing whatever you are doing!

after years of keeping them on substrate I actually moved my last one up high on rockwork.

worked very well..... until my octopus threw it onto a sinularian garden..... no one won that battle unfortunately.

the thing with mixing softs and stonies is ya gotta keep a bit of chemical filtration in action OR keep up big water changes,

softs like leathers can release toxins that impact on stonies longterm,

love me leathers tho,

and jardinis

awesome corals

just got in a heap of jardinis today and I was staring at them trying to work out what was gonna be a purple tip.

good mix of fish in a good sized tank

and they all look fat and healthy

its no surprise you are enjoying the display

I was enjoying just the pictures!

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thx for the info DFF!!! so far they've left the corals alone for the most part

the clowns havent taken to the elegance liked i would have hoped, in fact i dont think they've been near it tbh

i got some of the corals from down Mt Gravatt way lol you might recognise the moorish idol, scotts wrasse & banner fish too :P

im gonna send u a pm shortly too, after some info about a problem I think is occuring...

skinny... its running a 4ft sump underneath, with the skimmer and hailea 500 chiller, ive got 2x 300w jager heaters, but i havent had them on lately, no real need to; i'll get some under cabinet pics up soon for ya!

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